Prairie Hills Girl Scout Council

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Prairie Hills Girl Scout Council was chartered by Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. (the largest volunteer organization for girls in the world) to extend membership opportunities to all girls, ages 5-17, in 19 counties of northeast Nebraska.

To provide programs of enrichment and education for all girls who accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
These programs help prepare girls to meet the challenges of the future by instilling positive values, building leadership skills while developing self confidence all in a non-competitive, all-girl environment.

Prairie Hills' jurisdiction encompasses rural farms and livestock operations, small towns supported by business and industry, several American Indian reservations, as well as a number of growing Hispanic communities.

Through a strong commitment to pluralism and a flexible delivery system, every girl is welcomed in the Girl Scout Movement.
Prairie Hills' vision is one of valuing individual uniqueness while creating an environment which fosters diversity.


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Daisy Girl Scouts age 5-6 125
Brownie Girl Scouts ages 6-8 1340
Junior Girl Scouts ages 8-11 757
Cadette Girl Scouts ages 11-14 171
Senior Girl Scouts ages 14-17 102
Adult Volunteers age 18 up 655

An elected volunteer board of directors determines policy, establishes goals and approves budgets according to a comprehensive corporate planning system.
This provides the focus and action for the professional staff and operational volunteers.

The Girl Scout Program is based on the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
Four program goals express the ways girls may benefit from their Girl Scout Experience through:

Developing Self-Potential
Contributing To Society
Relating to Others
Developing Values

Founding Data

Juliette Gordon Low, founder, organized the first group of girls on March 12, 1912, in Savannah, Georgia

Incorporated in Washington, D.C., June 10, 1915.

Chartered by the United States Congress, March 16, 1950.